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Since 2012, I have performed a multitude of marketing roles within Red Bull North America; focusing on brand, sports, and field marketing. Roles include: 

Sr. Sports Marketing Manager | 2022 - Present

Sports Event Marketing Manager | 2019 - 2022

Field Marketing Specialist | 2015 -2016

Event & Athlete Coordinator (Contract) | 2015

Student Brand Manager & Intern | 2012 -2015

In this time, I've produced a variety of global best practice projects and activations that worked to achieve business objectives of growing the user base, intensifying consumption, and driving sales. 

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Business Strategy & Sales

From 2016 through 2019, I stepped away from a marketing role to develop skills in business strategy, sales, and general management. As a Business Operations Analyst, I worked directly for the Regional General Manager overseeing business in. four states. 

Projects I Spearheaded Included:

- A best-in-class shelf space project intended to drive share in a major retailer.

- Leadership of a new product line introduction in conjunction with a major moment in Coastal NC.

- Consumer insights and market analysis projects informing marketing business plans.

- Sales performance reports, retailer insights, and formulation of strategies for sales & distribution teams with the. tools to win in market.

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